The 9th Asian-European International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering (AEPSE2013) will be held in August 25 (Sunday) to 30 (Friday), 2013, in Jeju, Korea which is an exotic UNESCO world heritage island in parallel with the 35th Dry Process Symposium in August 29 (Thursday) to 30 (Friday), 2013. The AEPSE2013 is organized by Asian Joint Committee for Applied Plasma Science and Engineering (AJC-APSE) in close collaboration with European Joint Committee for Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering (EJC-PISE).

The AEPSE conference has been attracting growing interest as one of the global nominated open forums for contributing scientific and industrial progress in applied plasma science and engineering fields in Asia and Europe as well as other countries since the first conference has been commenced in 1997 in Seoul, Korea. Especially, leading the world of industries such as semiconductor, digital devices including display and touch panel, automobile industry etc. in East Asia, plasma surface engineering needs a new paradigm of scientific and technological innovation for further rapid advanced for the leading industries in advanced materials and processes and expansion of new technologies as well as market.
We cordially invite you to AEPSE2013 in Jeju, Korea for open discussion and collaboration opportunities on advance and innovation on scientific and technological topics related to plasma surface engineering and emerging core technologies and industries as well as new prospective market.
Scope for AEPSE2013 
1. Fundamental science and technology of plasma surface engineering
1) Fundamentals for plasma and thin films
- Advanced plasma discharge and simulation
- Design, modeling and simulation of functional film materials
- Plasma diagnostics and plasma chemistry
2) Plasma sources and processes
- Magnetron sputtering, HiPIMS, Hybrid plasma
- Atmospheric and high pressure plasma
- Plasma diffusion and thermal plasma
- Plasma in solution
3) Functional films, coatings and surface functionalization
- Tribological coating: wear resistance, low friction, etc.
- Hard and super hard coatings: nano composite, compounds
- Corrosion and high temperature protection, etc.
- Digital electronics: TCO, barrier and functional films for display, touch panel and flexible electronics, etc.
- Green energy and environment: PV, thermoelectric, LED electrochromic, battery, catalytic, toxic gas
treatment, etc.
- Functional surface treatment: topography, grafting, texturing
4) Plasma medicine and bio technology
- Functional medicine materials and processes by plasma
- Bio functional materials , films and surface treatment by plasma
5) Analysis and evaluation of thin films and surface
6) Industrial technology and application
2. Workshop for Frontier plasma technology
This sessions are jointly organized btw AJC-APSE and EJC-PISE as dedicated special program with nominated specialists on state of art and future perspective.
- Advanced Plasma -Bio Convergence Technology
- Roll-to-Roll Plasma Systems and Processes for TCO Materials and Flexible Materials
- New Plasma -Nano Materials and Devices
3. Industry Exhibition and Marketing
- Industry exhibition will be held on Aug. 27 to 28, 2013
- Technical programs will be organized for exhibitors and companies for their technology and marketing