This book covers the experimental and theoretical understanding of surface and thin
film processes. It presents a unique description of surface processes in adsorption and
crystal growth, including bonding in metals and semiconductors. Emphasis is placed
on the strong link between science and technology in the description of, and research
for, new devices based on thin film and surface science. Practical experimental design,
sample preparation and analytical techniques are covered, including detailed discussions
of Auger electron spectroscopy and microscopy. Thermodynamic and kinetic
models of electronic, atomic and vibrational structure are emphasized throughout.
The book provides extensive leads into practical and research literature, as well as to
resources on the World Wide Web. Each chapter contains problems which aim to
develop awareness of the subject and the methods used.
Aimed as a graduate textbook, this book will also be useful as a sourcebook for
graduate students, researchers and practioners in physics, chemistry, materials science
and engineering.
JOHN A. VENABLES obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physics from
Cambridge. He spent much of his professional life at the University of Sussex, where
he is currently an Honorary Professor, specialising in electron microscopy and the
topics discussed in this book. He has taught and researched in laboratories around the
world, and has been Professor of Physics at Arizona State University since 1986. He is
currently involved in web-based (and web-assisted) graduate teaching, in Arizona,
Sussex and elsewhere. He has served on several advisory and editorial boards, and has
done his fair share of reviewing. He has published numerous journal articles and edited
three books, contributing chapters to these and others; this is his first book as sole


Chapter 1 Introduction to surface processes

Chapter 2 Surfaces in vacuum: ultra-high vacuum techniques and processes

Chapter 3 Electron-based techniques for examining surface and thin film

Chapter 4 Surface processes in adsorption

Chapter 5 Surface processes in epitaxial growth

Chapter 6 Electronic structure and emission processes at metallic surfaces

Chapter 7 Semiconductor surfaces and interfaces

Chapter 8 Surface processes in thin film devices

Chapter 9 Postscript – where do we go from here


total pages: 372